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Nov 25, 2012 2:45pm EST
, and the healthcare sector was one condition in which it was never right, and similar to my own work on economics of asymmetric information -- >> core understanding. >> what it showed is the reasonable the invisible hand seems invisible is that it's not there. and this gesture is a real case on point. >> just to add, all abstract reasoning, but thenk at reality and it's overwhelming. the -- looking across countries can the united states has the most market oriented healthcare system and the most expensive without getting better results. >> we're ranked 37th in the world in the world health organization in terms of quality. >> within the united states, although medicare is very expensive, it has been much more successful at cost control than private insurers have been, medicaid even more successful, and the crazy thing about america, we actually have everything -- all possible systems of some version here. the veterans health administration, which is true socialized medicine, the doctors are government employees -- is incredibly efficient relative to the rest of the health care system. >> you did
Nov 22, 2012 6:00am EST
of the affordable healthcare act. one of them is the victim and says that it would not be upheld by the promise of the commerce clause. it is the cornerstone of the entire civil rights movement. the insurance industry, the whole broad enormous impact of the insurance industry, they are not going to be part of the commerce club, then the ability to ride a bus or to enter a store in the whole notion of public accommodation is founded in the commerce clause. and i think that, you know, does the things that i worry about. that is the ground of all the conversations we are having and the current supreme court does not seem committed to that last 50 years of jurisprudence and that worries me great deals you feed. >> what other political issues that are important for queer communities -- the energy that we are putting around marriage equality issue. >> this is an important question. issues of employment discrimination are critically important. even things like health care disparity, if you will, the reality of where lbgt people are, it is not quite clear and it doesn't bubble up to what is being talke
Nov 26, 2012 12:00pm EST
that obama's healthcare law violates the school's religious freedom. a federal district judge rejected the claims and the fourth u.s. circuit court of appeals or read the lawsuit was premature and never dealt with the substance in the school's argument. the supreme court upheld the health care law in june. also today the court announced its leaving in place the corruption conviction of a former louisiana congressman who had many in his freezer. justices rejected without comment an appeal by the former representative william jefferson serving a 13 year term in federal prison. he was convicted in 2009 after fbi agents investigating obligation from corruption found $90,000 in cash hidden in jefferson's freezer. a federal appeals court upheld all but one of the 11 accounts on which the jury convicted jefferson. congress is back this week following last week's thanksgiving break you listen to me your bloomberg who said the damage was unprecedented, that it may be the worst storm the city has ever faced and was 10 feet, governor christie said the damage in new jersey was unthinkable when we
Nov 27, 2012 12:00pm EST
in healthcare, when the retail clinics, these minute type clinics that appeared in cvs and walgreens and so forth came up, very early on they set very rigorous metrics for what a quality member in their association would look like which created some certainty that state regulators could allow them in to say, hey, we're going to get better outcomes in these variety of health indicators. we'll not treat these health conditions over here. we don't promise that we do that. we don't attack that problem. by doing that, getting together and defining that, it allowed them to go up. what is interesting, john bailey wrote a piece for the collection we've done together where in other sectors the suspicion of for-profits isn't really present from government dollars. it is interesting in energy, health care, space questions, we routinely contract and use federal dollars to work with for-profit providers and no one really thinks about whether it is an issue or not. my guess is that is partially something about a notion of innocent children but also partially pause we haven't had these big efforts to step
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4